Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Stuck in Neutral Chapters 5 -10

Chapter 5

Shawn's father wrote a poem about his son, his illnes and the fears he had about Shawn.It was a very beautiful poem.It basically tells about that Sydney never was able to deal with his son's contitions.Shawn never will be able to win any prizes, eat dinner with Clint Eastwood,do the things his father has done.That tell that Shawn's father wants to kill him for free his son from the pain and the suffering.So Sydney McDaniel had his first public reading of the poem.Shawn was there also but he stayed in the kitchen while his father was reading.When he just stopped reading,Shawns mother entered him where all the public was and everybody started to talk about him.It was a great feeling for Shawn that everybody was saying his name.With this poem,his father got very famous and won a Pulitzer prize.

Chapter 6

Shawn loves his seizures as his family.The first time he had one was in the arms of his father and granmother.First he hadn't any medication for the seizures and he hear that while somebody is on a seizure,bones of that body could be broken.At the age of 10,doctors gave him a medicine wich helps to control a little bit the seizures.Having the seizures Shawn felt free,like a ingependent boy who can do everything he wants.First he saw a lot of colours,and then the room started so swirl very slowly.It wasn't any room,it was the room in his head.Then at last his spirit started to sneak out of his body,that was the time when he felt independent.He had a time limit because when the seizure stopped,he got right back in his body.He also started to laugh.The doctor said that it was a reaction of the seizures.It was a very wonderful feeling for Shawn,but most of time everybody looked at him very sad.His brother hated the seizures the same way like their father.

Chapter 7

Shawn also goes to school.It's a retarded school,with one teacher,Mrs.Hare and two assitants,Becky and William.William was a very nice guy around 50 years old.Becky was a very beautiful youg lady.She was around 20 years old and had red long hair.Mrs.Hare was a old very nice lady,and always looks like she just got back from a walk on a windy day.All the students were retards.Shawn doesn't mean this expressin like a bad word,it's only the word that represents people who can't move or are retarded.It's like every other expression.That day his father came to the school with a camera team.He reported about the school fot uneducable kids,what they do with the money people waste in taxes.During the documentation,when Sydney was stanging in front of his son and speaking with the camera,Shwan got a seizure.He was listening to his father very well until the seizure began,so he only understood a few parts what his father was saying.

Chapter 8

Shawn remembers when his father left the family.He remembers the times when his father was on the end,when he couldn't deal anymore with Shawn's conditions.So,one day his mother was talking with her friend about the leaving of her housbend.Shawn trusts his father in ervery ways,if he thought it was best to free his son from the pains,he had his reasons.Sydney often tried to give the fault God to feel better.

Chapter 9

Cindy always makes sleepovers with her friends,what Shawn also ejoyes every time.He loves it when Cindy's friends came because they are all pretty cute.But that day was different,Cindy brought a new friend at home.She was very very beautiful,her name was Ally.She was different like the other in every way,she also was different saying hello to Shawn.So all the evening he listened to the girls,who were in the livingroom while he sat in the kitchen.When he felt a sleep,lying in his bed he dreamt he was a "real boy" who can move and do everything.He was with Ally,they started to kiss.Then he said to her that he loves her.She also loved him.It was the first time Shawn felt real love.He knew that his parents loved him but it was not the same feeling.Until yet he didn't care if his father wanted to kill him,but now he does.He is afraid to miss this kind of feelings in the future because you never know what can be happen.

Chapter 10

One day,when Lindy was feeting her son,she wasn't very happy.After then,she called Paul and Cindy.She told then that their father wanted to write a new book about a guy who hat killed his 2 year old son that had the same illnes like Shawn.The kids couldn't understand what happended to their father,that he got crazy.The also were invited to join the Alice Pond Show to talk about their liver with a ill brother.It should help other people with the same problem,but Sydney's family thought it was for him self becouse he got more famouse with his prizes.So Earl was the guy who killed his son and he said he was guilty becouse he wanted to safe his son.He wanted to get his son free of pain and suffering becouse he loved him so much.Hearing this Shawn started to think more and more about his fathers plans.


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